Portal Games plans to celebrate their 20th birthday with surprises for fans.

Gliwice, Poland – January 31th, 2019.

Founded in Poland in 1999, Portal Games will celebrate 20 years in business in 2019. Portal Games will celebrate this momentous year with 20 special events at major conventions around the world, unique gifts, and limited releases of classic fan- favorites. More information can be found on this website.

During the early years, from 1999 to 2006, Portal Games became a major publisher in Poland with bestselling titles Neuroshima RPG and Machina. During this time, Portal Games produced their products only in Polish.

In 2007, the team began to shift focus to board and card games and introduced an English edition of Neuroshima Hex at Essen Spiel. Z-Man games licensed Neuroshima Hex the following year which helped introduce United States gamers to Portal Games.

Since 2013, Portal Games began to distribute their games worldwide in both Polish and English language editions. The company has continued to grow ever since with the success of their products such as Imperial Settlers, Tides of Time, Robinson Crusoe, and Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

In celebration of 20 years, Portal Games will hold special events at major conventions including: Dice Tower Con, Gen Con, BerlinCon, and Essen Spiel. A full calendar of events can be found at the special 20th birthday website: https://20.portalgames.pl/. Here, fans can learn more about the company history, win unique prizes, and participate in a worldwide poll to choose the best game Portal has released. Fans in the Polish market will also be able to buy limited release print runs of classic Portal Games titles.

About Portal Games

Portal Games is a publisher of award-winning games such as Imperial Settlers, Tides of Time, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, Cry Havoc, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, and Neuroshima Hex. Founded in Poland in 1999, Portal Games has developed into one of the most renowned European game publishers and design teams. Their commitment is to produce only the highest quality Board Games That Tell Stories.